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LHS Science Expo


The LHS Science Expo was founded by science teacher, Marilou Edwards in 2006 with a vision in mind to motivate high school students to create projects and inspire third graders with the wonder of science.


After COVID-19 begun, the Expo moved online for 2021. The students completed their projects in video format. Now, we have an in-person and online option where you can view student's videos of their projects and attend the expo to view them.

Since 2010, the Expo has opened its doors to the public and has had immense support from the community. Each year, hundreds of community members will gather to be amazed by the science projects, win raffle items and even donate to the event and students. 


Past Sci Expo videos:

Old Videos
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Here we are in the news

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Nathan Stewart Documentary - 2019 Expo

Andrew Stewart Promo - 2020 Expo

Good Day Sacramento - 2020 Expo

Andrew Stewart Promo - 2021 Expo

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