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Mrs. Edwards

Club Advisor

My name is Marilou Edwards and this is my 30th year of teaching, 20 years of which have been at Lincoln high school. I started the science expo 16 years ago, the first expo was in 2006 and I just had 10 booths and I invited my good friend Karen Newman’s 3rd grade class. It has grown tremendously over the past 16 years. The reason why this expo grows and gets better every year is because of the students who help run this event. One of my goals of teaching has been to empower students. I am proud of our students and their leadership ability. These students practically run the expo themselves. My goal as an educator is not just to teach but to inspire students to be future leaders and active members of our community. They NEVER disappoint me and I am so honored to be part of THEIR Science EXPO. Go Zebras !!!


Regina Rojas

Project Planner

Hi! I’m Regina Rojas, I’m the head project planner of the Science Expo Club this year! I’ve been a part of the club for three years now, two years as project planner. Last year, I presented a project called the Shadow Box where you can cast a shadow on a phosphorescent wall by a strobe light. In 3rd grade, I went to Lincoln Crossing Elementary School and my teacher was Mr. Brown. After Senior Year, I’m deciding between attending San Jose State University for International Business or UC Santa Barbara for Communications!

Cailyn Wright _ Project Planner.jpg

Cailyn Wright

Project Planner

My name is Cailyn Wright and I have been a part of the science expo for four years! My first two years, I was a club member that helped out in the saturday expo and third grade expo. Then as a junior I became manager of the saturday expo committee. Now as a senior, I am one of the three project planners and am doing a project on milk solubility! I am planning on attending BYU in the fall to study nursing.


Hunter Janssen

Project Planner

My name is Hunter Janssen, and I was introduced to the Science Expo through my experience as a third grader at First Street Elementary School, where I went with Mrs. Gonzales’ class to attend. As a high schooler, I’ve been a part of the Expo for three years, starting as a club member my freshman year. Then, I became the Day Expo manager my sophomore year, while also doing the Thermite Cannonball project for chemistry, which was both stressful and exciting at the same time. Now, in my junior year, I have become one of the project planners of the Expo, while also doing the Fun with Airzookas project for physics.


Ryan Fukui

Logistics Manager

My name is Ryan Fukui and I am in the class of ‘21 at Lincoln High School. I first joined the Science Expo in my sophomore year, but I had first been introduced to it in third grade. In Ms. Beggerly’s class at Foskett Ranch Elementary School, we took a field trip to the high school to see the annual science expo. In my sophomore year I joined the club because Mrs. Edwards needed somebody to continue the Lego model of Downtown Lincoln that my brother started in his junior year. Now, as a senior, I am the Logistics Manager for the club and I was in charge of putting the website together. Over the past three years, I have done a total of five projects: homemade bouncy balls, whip cream dispenser, Lego model of Downtown Lincoln, reverse spherification, and Rube Goldberg machines. I plan on attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to study Aerospace Engineering.


James Edwards

Saturday Expo Manager

My name is James Edwards, I’m a senior, and I’m a Saturday Expo Manager. This is my fourth year in the Science Expo Club, and my second leadership position, my first being the AG/CTE/PLTW Coordinator. I’ve done three projects throughout my years with the expo: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, Spherification, and the Rube Goldberg Machine, which is my project this year. I went to the expo as a third grader back when I attended First Street Elementary with Ms. Lucas. Next year, I’ll be studying engineering at Washington and Lee University, in Virginia.


Andrea Roman

Promotions Manager

My name is Andrea Roman and I’m the manager of promotions for the science expo! For promotion I would usually be in charge of making posters/flyers and promoting the science expo around the school. I’m a Junior in Lincoln High school. I have been in the science expo club for 2 years since sophomore year. I was in honors chemistry where I did my first project for the science expo and that was liquid nitrogen. Our project was making ice cream with liquid nitrogen and I found it interesting and started to learn more about science expo which I wanted to be a part of again. This year my project is about germs which my partner and I showed with an ultraviolet light. I’m glad that I became involved in the science expo and became a part of it this year!


Andrew Stewart

Video Manager

My name is Andrew Stewart, and I am the video manager for the Science Expo! My committee will broadcast and create videos to not only promote but to show all the different projects this year! I am a sophomore at LHS, I am a part of the swim team and cross country team, and I am also the officer for Wellness Club and Freedom’s Foundation. I would describe myself as a fun, unique and ambitious person. In my free time I like to workout, hang out with friends, swim, play basketball, and watch my favorite TV show Survivor. I am excited to be a manager for the Science Expo this year!


Chloe Downs

Elementary Outreach Manager

Hi, I am Chloe Downs, one of the Elementary Outreach Managers! I help set up the presentations that in a normal year, we would show to individual elementary classes. This is my second leadership position, I am also the Treasurer for the BSU at LHS. I am currently a sophomore, and this is my second year in the club; last year I did not have any projects but I worked as a runner for the day expo and a regular member of Elementary Outreach. I was first introduced to the Expo in 3rd grade at Creekside Oaks Elementary School in Mrs. Dumler’s class.


Gavin Leeson

Day Expo Manager

Hi! I’m Gavin Leeson, the day expo co manager with the amazing Stacie Luy. I’ve been part of the science expo for 2 years and have loved every second of it. Last year, I did a project on homopolar magnet trains (it was pretty dang cool let me tell you) when I was in 3rd grade I had the honor of attending the science expo and was in mrs botonis’s class at Lincoln Crossing! Next year I’ll be attending Sierra College and am planning to go into broadcasting and journalism. I hope you enjoy the expo!!


Ghezal Karimi

Photography Manager

My name is Ghezal Karimi and I’m a Senior at Lincoln High School. I’m the Photography Manager for this year’s Science Expo. I have participated in the Science Expo for two years and had an amazing experience in contributing to an event that motivates the young Elementary School students to learn about Science. Last year I did the Golf Physics project and this year I did the Bubble Membrane project. I’m also an officer for the National Honors Society and part of many other clubs in the LHS campus. I describe myself as a hard working, responsible, and organized person. My hobbies include reading, watching movies, and spending time with family. Finally, I am going to attend UC Davis in the fall and do a double major in Mathematics and Psychology.


Shannon White

Scrapbook Manager

My name is Shannon White. I am the Scrapbook Manager and a Junior at Lincoln High School. I organize all the Science Expo photos from the previous year and make scrapbook pages. Due to Covid-19, we decided to do a virtual scrapbook and incorporate the scrapbooks from earlier years to view. When I was in Ms. Larsen’s 3rd grade class at Creekside Oaks, I was able to go to my first Science Expo and I remember having a lot of fun. Last year, I was a club member and assisted with the preparation of the expo, as well as making Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream for my chemistry project. This year, I decided to take on a leadership position by becoming one of the managers and did my physics project on Fun with Giant Bubbles!


Stacie Luy

Day Expo Manager

My name is Stacie Luy and I’m one of the Day Expo Managers! I've been in the Science Expo since my freshman year and I plan to continue on as I head into my senior year! Both of my siblings joined the Science Expo during their high school years and seeing all the work they put into it inspired me to join! I went to the Science Expo during my 3rd grade year with Foskett Ranch and my 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Schreiber. My project this year was “Dry Ice Ice Cream” and you should check it out!


April Vazquez 

Elementary School Outreach

Hello everyone my name is April Vazquez a Junior at Lincoln High School part of the LHS Virtual Science Expo this year! I am one of the managers for the Elementary School Outreach and have helped on creating the presentation slides and goodies for all of you. This is my 2nd year in the Science expo and my first year having a position here. I am an AVID student, and hold leadership positions in the Association of Latin American Students (ALAS) as part of the board of directors, and current Junior Class VP. I'm also a tutor for LHS and GEMS, and soon will be volunteering for elementary school too. I was previously a roadrunner at First Street School, the elementary school I attended :).


Jade Ngyuen 


Hello Everyone! My name is Jade Nguyen and I am the Treasurer and Fundraising Manager for the Science Expo Club.  I’ve been in the Science Expo Club for 3 years and I previously held the Scrapbook Manager position.  For the Science Expo, I’ve done the Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, Automatic Drink Dispenser and the Super Bubble Fun Project.  In third grade I had Mrs. Stuckey at Lincoln Crossing.  And fun fact I wasn’t able to go to the Science Expo as a third grader!


Angel Moreno

Safety Manager

Hi, my name is Angel Moreno and I am the safety manager. I’ve been a part of the science expo club for 4 years and other projects I’ve done is an automatic popcorn machine, and Rube Goldberg machine. For college I’m planning to go to CalPoly Pomona to major in physics. For third grade I had Mrs. Gonzalez at First Street Elementary School.

Sydney Mencarini

Sydney Mencarini

Club Member

My name is Sydney Mencarini and I am a senior (12th grade) this year! I have been a part of the Science Expo Club for two years and am with the Day Expo Committee. I went to Foskett Ranch Elementary School, and in third grade I had Mrs. Beggerly. I have done many projects for the expo including Dry Ice/Boo Bubbles (2019), Zoetropes (2020), and Acid/Base Natural Indicators (2021).


Elina Dern

Club Member

Hi! My name is Elina Dern. I´m a senior, and I´ve been a member of the Science Expo Club for two years now. I´m on the Day Expo Committee. For elementary school, I went to Foskett Ranch, and my third-grade teacher was Mr. Law. I´ve participated in projects for the Science Expo for the past three years now. My sophomore year (2019) I did the Dry Ice/Boo Bubbles project. My junior year (2020), I did the Ruben´s Tube, and this year, my senior year (2021), I did Acid/Base Natural Indicators. :)

Quest Rhodes Photo.jpg

Quest Rhodes

Club Member

Hello, my name is Quest Rhodes. I am a sophomore (10th Grade) at Lincoln High School. I have been part of the Club for 1 ½ years. I love all things science and technology, and I someday hope of becoming a doctor. This is my first year that I created a project for the Science Expo. It is all about Model Rocketry. I also helped design the website and create the teacher resources required for third grade classrooms.


Steven Fukui

Club Member

My name is Steven Fukui and I am a freshman at LHS. This is my first year in the club and I created one of the promo videos for the website launch. I have not done any projects yet, but I hope to do one next year. I went to Foskett Ranch Elementary School and my 3rd grade teacher was Mrs. Schreiber.

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